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Mystical City of God -  Virgin Mary new*   

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Divine Mercy

The Nativity - Happy and Holy Christmas

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God the Father messages
Jesus Christ Our Lord
God the the Holy Spirit

Catholic Prayers - Requests
Divine Mercy devotion
The Holy Eucharist
The Holy Rosary
Our Lady, the blessed Virgin Mary
Catholic teachings
Catholic Church
Exorcism, liberation, deliverance
Catholic Saints, Blessed,
he Holy Bible
Very important pages
Treasury of Prayers
The ten commandments
Catholic Library
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Catholic Homilies - inspirations

The Word of God

El trabajo de Dios - Spanish 

Daily Adoration Prayer
Heavenly Protection - Protect us Lord

When you want
to grow spiritually:
Work of God - The Word

Power from above
Holy spirit miracles

Jesus is alive..... His miracles are happening......
You can receive the miracle you need now..... Learn how.....


Work of God - Word of God

Messages from Jesus
Mary and God the Father


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I am the bread of life
Glory to the Holy Trinity

Litany of the Precious Blood
My precious blood (message)
Prayers to the Holy Trinity
Come Holy Spirit


The Gospels explained by Jesus
The Gospels come to life when Jesus
explains them


Examine your conscience 
God's blessing
Becoming like Jesus
The Lord's call to be holy
Sin: an old fashion word
Treatise on Prayer
Finding The Lord
Life is Sacred
Eucharistic Prayers new
Prayer for water

Work of God - The Word


c Inspirations From the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Catholic homilies >>
Messages from Jesus - gospels explained

Pope Benedict XVI
The Gospel of Christ as lived by Pope John Paul II
Prophecies of Saint Malachy - Last five popes new!
Imitation of Jesus Christ - by Thomas Kempis
Some prayers for today

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